Thursday, October 15, 2009


When i surfing the internet, and read some articles about making an ice tea. then i readed a good article about making long island tea. maybe you should try it at home. especally when the weather it's hot.

here's some simple steps to making a nice and delicious long island tea.
1. You must fill a cup with ice
2. Next, you need to put all of the liquor into the cup by measuring out the right amount of each. It depends on the size of glass you have, but I would start out by using a half a shot of the vodka, tequila, rum, gin, and triple sec. Mix this up in your glass.
3. Some people like to add sweet and sour mix and some don't. If you are not sure, try adding a half a shot at first and you can add more to taste after you mix the drink.
4.Once all of that is in the glass, splash the coke over the top. (Surprisingly, you don't need very much coke for this to taste great.)
5.If you have a shaker, dump all of this into the shaker, give it one or two good shakes, and pour it back into the glass. If you want, you can put a lemon wedge on the glass for looks.

You can try this recepie at home, prepare it with some cake in the afternoon, and serve it with your family. i think it will be nice.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


When I read a book from Robert T Kiyosaki, there is an interesting statemen there. If you want to be a success in your business, then make a plan that money work for you.

Starting business on the web it's easy. why i said easy?. because you don't have spend all your money to do it. infact, all you have to do is learning about how this business work for you. Many offer in the internet to making money with fast. hmmm... i just laughing at myself. there is no rich in fast way. you must work hard and harder to see the good result there. so...the point is, how money will work for you??. this is the interesting question. well, Internet is about duplicate product. why i say duplicate product?, because all you have to do you only work at one time, then you can sell the product thousand time without making new product again. it's very cheap and easy.

i will explain it.

1. Cheap
starting in internet business is cheap. You don't have to rent a store for your product. all you have to do is setup a website. you don't have setup a sophisticated website. simple website but you can make crazy sell with your site. well, the basic understanding is about HTML script programming. it's very easy script. after that, you can order a web hosting and space for $10/year. it's very cheap.

2. Easy
it will work for you 24/7!!. even you sleep, woking, or holiday! will work for you.

Making a product, setup a website, and MONEY WILL WORK FOR YOU.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Google Adsense is the simple making money online machine. But, some people think that Adsense is very easy. that is totally wrong. Because there is some techniques to making money online. You should check out some tips below

Tips #1 : You must have find the great idea for your niche or your topics. why?, because Google will indexed your keyword of your web blog or your website.

Tips #2 : how to find great niche??. some people says that you must write for your hobby's . that's great. But you must have good hobby too. is that very important? yup. Adsense have very cheap and expensive keyword. then why should you do if you have hobby, and you start to write you have visitors but your CPC very low??. so, doing research for your hobby.

Tips #3 : if you are a blogger, then you must update your posting every day. and use the right keyword to get the attention with Google spyder.


Sunday, August 2, 2009


i like using social bookmarking. you know what?, because social bookmarking is the place to meet new people, sharing opinion, and learn new things too.Many people doesn't understand what is the social bookmarking for. for newbie, social bookmarking is the place to find people, knowing the new people, and tell them your status today, what are you doing and asking something that you will ask and need feedback from them.

there is many social bookmarking sites on the internet. and the are all connected one each other. so, how we can choose the best model of social bookmarking?. of course, you must choose the most popular and plenty of features. My favorite social bookmarking are facebook and twitter. But i also using digg and to share my blogging posting. i think, the most popular bookmarking site are twitter and facebook. this two social bookmarking have great features. Facebook have rich tools to share your idea, you can make group for your interest topic, you can send gifts to your friends, and also you can chat with your friends. Twitter very popular too. twitter can connect with millions of people around the world. with the strong concept 'what are you doing?', people will know each others.
in the next posting, we will learn about this social bookmarking for further.


Saturday, August 1, 2009


sometimes we have an argue with our friend. especially our best friend. And because of that, we not talk each other until the problem solve. i have my experience for that.

i have a friend, he is one of my best friend. one day we have misunderstanding because of simple problem. and then we not talk each other for 2 months. and that's makes our feel bad. so what do we do to fix this relationship?.
one of us must respect each other opinion. and we must be a man not a boys. Not like a boys, if we have problem, then we solving by told to the our father or our mother, and then our parent go to their parent, talking in a dinner and try to solving out. it's only for the boys.

so, what do we do??, we are man right?, and i try to solving by call him and meet in a restaurant, order the meals, and talk in relax. we try to not argue anymore even the situation makes our feel not good.

but the apologize word it's vey powerfull. both of us realize that the last main problem is not the biggest problem. we can solve it, and we can continue our friendship.

until now we still be the best friend. and we realize friendship the most important thing in this life.


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when i try to chat with the support system. this the most powerful way of making money online. maybe, there is many offer to making money online. But, this is the good way to earn such an extra money to your pocket.

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